M F Last Limited Privacy Policy

  1. We value the privacy of our customers and their details at all times.
  2. We keep only the contact details given to us by the customer themselves in order to complete the job assigned to us by the customer eg. Name, address, phone number / email. By the customer giving their details they are consenting to us using these to contact the customer to complete their request. (Article 6 of GDPR).
  3. We never use customer details for marketing purposes.
  4. We never keep customer bank details.
  5. We never share the customer details with third parties (the exception being if the customer has given permission eg for another trade to contact them in order to complete the customer’s job)
  6. Details held are stored on our own computer network which is password protected and virus/spyware protected.
  7. The computer network is not backed-up using shared storage (eg the cloud). Any devices eg phones and tablets used by M F Last are all password protected. Any storage units are locked when not supervised. The work area where data is kept is alarmed and covered by CCTV.
  8. Staff are instructed to keep customer details covered whilst on site eg keeping job books closed and locked in van.
  9. We recognise our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is effective from 25th May 2018. We work to ensure we are compliant with these regulations. A copy of this privacy policy is available from the website www.mflastelectrical.co.uk. A copy of M F Last Ltd Data Protection statement can be obtained from M F Last Ltd.