Rako Lighting Control

With the greater access to LED Lighting it has never been a better time to consider lighting control for primary rooms within a property or even the whole property when dealing with a new build project.

We can cover lighting control design from a single kitchen with 4-8 circuits moving up to a whole house control system involving upwards of 70-80 circuits of controlled lighting.

The benefits extend beyond just creating a special and welcoming environment to include:

  • Energy Saving
  • Security (Scheduled internal and external lighting)
  • Extending the life of light fittings and lamps

Rako is a very flexible lighting control system that can either be retro fitted into existing properties using the wireless system or into new build projects with the wired system. The two systems can be using together to form a hybrid system which is ideal for extensions or part renovations.

When connected to the internet it is possible to control your house from wherever you are to switch on exterior lighting for when you arrive home to starting the holiday mode if you’re away for the weekend. The holiday mode plays back the scenes used over a recorded period of time to make the house look “lived in” for better security whilst you’re away.

Rako is designed and manufactured in the UK

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