Smart Home Systems

Nowadays the phrase Smart Home appears everywhere but what does it mean and how does it affect us?

Most homes in the UK are now connected to the internet and with it our ability to control the environment we live in has increase dramatically. Companies such as Rako and Lutron allow control of our lighting remotely whilst Google Nest and the British Gas Hive system allows heating control.

We now have the ability to control our heating and lighting via our smart phones using apps, whilst sitting comfortably in our favourite chair to make the most of our homes but also to save us money.

At M F Last Electrical we are able to design a lighting control system that will not only reduce energy consumption within your home but also maximise the lighting design in your kitchen or living area. Using the latest Rako Lighting Control system all types of lighting can be controlled from the original Edison lamps through to state of the art colour changing LED fittings. For more details please see our Rako Lighting Control section

At the centre of any Smart Home is your router giving you wireless access to the internet however sometimes in bigger properties wireless access doesn’t quite reach to parts of the house where it needs to be like the kitchen or master bedroom. We are able to design a wireless networking solution for even the largest properties to allow everyone to get connected where ever they need to. Please see our Networking Section for more details.

Listening to music around the home has been given a new dimension with internet connectivity allowing music to be streamed from many different sources catering for all tastes. The same can be said for movies and TV programs with services like Netflix giving everyone what they want to watch at the touch of a button. Please contact us if you have any new build projects where you would like to maximise the connectivity of your home and making sure you have the correct cables for music and video distribution. Please see our AV Installation section for more information.

If you would like to chat about any of the aspects above or just have a question about technology around your home please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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